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Kazakhstans Oilfield Services Market 2013-market growth and trends

The study aims to provide a detailed analysis of the Republic of Kazakhstan oilfield services market, including an overview of oil producers’ key performance indicators in production, drilling, well interventions, application of enhanced oil recovery techniques, etc. Separately, we reviewed the drilling segments, including sidetracking, workovers and well servicing, hydraulic fracturing, coiled tubing operations, and cementing. The report offers a forecast of production rates and meters drilled covering the period from 2013 through 2020.

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RPI has kept track of the CIS member states’ oil production sectors for over 20 years, which enables our specialists to develop in-depth analyses of the opportunities and evolutionary risks associated with production projects in these countries. We have used the insights and experience gained in this process as a basis for this report in order to evaluate the growth potential of Kazakhstan’s oilfield services market.
This study presents detailed data on major oilfield service companies working in Kazakhstan and their historical business performance. It thoroughly reviews the investment climate in each country and potential risks, and analyses new players’ opportunities for entering Kazakhstan’s oilfield services market.

The key sections of the report provide insights on the following:

Key performance data for the exploration and production sector. This section presents the sector’s major performance indicators: meters drilled, rates of production, and scopes of well servicing and workover operations.
Overview of major customers. This section looks at customer requirements for drilling, well intervention and enhanced oil recovery applications. It also discusses the sector’s new promising projects.
Key customer profiles. The section focuses on the companies’ main operating regions and services they provide, as well as on the oilfield service companies’ productive capabilities.
Medium-term forecast of production and drilling for 2013 through 2020. This section assesses the future prospects of major production projects and producers’ drilling plans.
Comments on the future of oilfield service providers’ operations in Kazakhstan’s market. The section offers insights on oilfield service companies’ growth prospects in Kazakhstan’s market (in particular identifying promising market segments), analyses the main risks and offers recommendations regarding individual companies’ potential presence in the region.

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Table of Content


1 Production sector key performance data
1.1 Oil production
1.2 Gas production

2 Kazakhstan’s Well Servicing and Workover Operations
2.1 Drilling market
2.1.1 Exploration drilling
2.1.2 Production drilling
2.1.3 Contractors
2.2 Workover
2.2.1 Workover market
2.2.2 Well servicing market
2.3 Well stimulation and cementing markets
2.3.1 Fracturing
2.3.2 Coil tubing
2.3.3 Well cementing
2.3.4 Sidetracking
2.3.5 HC1 acid bottom hole zone treatment
2.3.6 Optimization of mechanized well stock operation conditions
2.3.7 Transition of wells into another operation mode
2.3.8 Commissioning of idle wells
2.4 Well testing
2.5 Market distribution by main regions in the Republic of Kazakhstan
2.5.1 The Mangistau region
2.5.2 The Kyzylorda region
2.5.3 The Atyrau region
2.5.4 The Aktyubinsk region
2.5.5 West Kazakhstan region
2.6 Customers
2.7 Contractors
2.7.1 Halliburton
2.7.2 Weatherford
2.7.3 Expro
2.7.4 Neftserviceholding
2.7.5 Ontustikmunaigas
2.7.6 GC Caspiy
2.7.7 Southeastern Services Group (Neftserviceholding, Perm)
2.7.8 XiBu
2.7.9 Schlumberger

3 Medium-term forecast of production and drilling for 2013 througth 2020
3.1 Oil and gas production
3.2 Drilling

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