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Personal 3D Printers-Market Forecast And Market Share Analysis-2013 – 2022

Almost 70,000 personal 3D printers will be sold in 2013, with personal 3D printing being hailed by some as the “next big thing” almost as disruptive as the personal computing revolution itself.  Big name companies – Microsoft, Staples and UPS – are also making investments. But the other side of the 3D printing story is that it is not yet clear what 3D personal printing is good for and many suppliers of these machines are small companies with limited resources.

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With all this in mind this new report  provides the first thorough market analysis of the personal 3D printer space.  It offers an in-depth discussion of applications where we believe personal 3D printers can generate new business revenues and includes a ten-year (volume and value) forecasts of personal 3D printers with breakouts by application.  Also included in this report are 10-year projections of software, 3D scanners and services used in the personal 3D printer sector.

The report also provides an assessment of the market shares of all the leading suppliers of personal 3D printers, along with a discussion of the strategies of the key firms influencing this market.  Likely long-term financing trends for the 3D personal printing sector are also discussed.

This report will be invaluable to product marketing and business development executives in the 3D printing sector, as well as the investment community.

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Chapter One: Personal 3D Printing:  Opportunities and Strategies
1.1 Revenue Generation for Personal 3D Printing Firms: The Next Five Years
1.2 Long-Term Opportunities for Personal 3D Printing Firms
1.3 Evolution of Printing Services for Personal 3D Printing
1.4 Opportunities for Software Companies in the Personal 3D Printing Space
1.5 Ten Companies to Watch in the Personal 3D Printing Sector
1.5.1 MakerBot/Stratasys
1.5.2 3D Systems
1.5.3 Beijing Tiertime
1.5.4 Shapeways
1.5.5 Amazon
1.5.6 Staples
1.5.7 UPS
1.5.8 Microsoft
1.5.9 Autodesk
15.10 Kickstarter
1.6 Summary of Ten-Year Forecasts of Personal 3D Printing Markets

Chapter Two:  Emerging Markets for 3D Personal Printing
2.2 Hype and Reality in Personal 3D Printing
2.1 Current and Future Hobbyist Markets
2.1.1 Factors Driving and Shaping the Hobbyist Market
2.1.2 Likely 3D Price Trends for Personal 3D Printing
2.1.3 10-Year Forecast of Personal 3D Printer Shipments: Hobbyists
2.2 Small Scale Manufacturing and Home Businesses
2.2.1 Which Small Businesses Will Use Personal 3D Printers:  A Roadmap
2.2.2 Use of Personal 3D Printers in Developing Countries
2.2.2 Likely Price Trends
2.2.3 10-Year Forecast of Personal 3D Printer Shipments: Small Business
2.3 Educational Markets
2.3.1 Use of Personal 3D Printers by K-12 and Secondary Education
2.3.2 3D Personal Printers in Universities and Colleges
2.3.3 10-Year Forecast of Personal 3D Printer Shipments: Education
2.4 Medical and Dental Markets for 3D Personal Printers
2.4.1 Possible Uses of 3D Printers in Medicine and Dentistry
2.4.2 10-Year Forecast of Personal 3D Printer Shipments: Medical and Dental
2.5 Personal 3D Printing:  Derivative Markets
2.5.1 10-Year Forecast of 3D Scanners for the 3D Personal Printing Sector
2.5.2 10-Year Forecast of Software Expenditures by 3D Personal Printing
2.5.3 10-Year Forecast of Service Revenue Generated by 3D Personal Printing
2.6 Major Barriers to Adoption for 3D Printing
2.7 Key Points from this Chapter


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